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I Love That Blank Smell...

Everyone who knows me, knows I love fragrances. So much so that my mom and I joke about how we wastefully mist a three-hundred dollar scent before bed, just because. Because we love fragrance. I have an equal appreciation for home fragrance.

Growing up, my mom always made sure our home smelled of either fresh linens or cinnamon- you know, the model home scent. She purchased the same Bath and Body Works candles and plug-ins that are so readily bought today. They're a great value. However, some of the ingredients in the products are borderline harmful for us to inhale. I realized this to be true after making note of why my allergies always seemed to flare in certain spaces - the plug-ins were the culprit.

My personal alternative are oil diffusers. With so many on the market, ranging from your twelve dollar home goods find to a one-hundred twenty-five dollar Jo Malone intense diffuser, I've found middle ground in the forty-eight dollar Gibson and Dehn diffusers. These six fluid ounce diffusers are ideal for more intimate spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms or a family room coffee table.

I'm currently mixing two of my personal favorites, "Norway Spruce" and "Promenade", in my home. I make sure to flip the reeds every morning as they tend to dry out after about twenty-four hours, but they've lasted three months and are still more than half full.

Gibson and Dehn Promenade and Norway Spruce Oil Diffusers
Gibson and Dehn Diffusers

Not only do they smell great, but the packaging makes for a fabulous gift that presents as much more expensive than the forty-eight dollar price tag. You can sample and purchase them here in Dallas at "The Scent Room" (tell them Joshua sent you) in West Village, or on the Gibson and Dehn website.

Another personal favorite I stumbled across is art by New York Artist Andy Blank! So many of my friends and clients are on the hunt for one of a kind art pieces that don't break the bank. I found the solution in Andy's pieces.

Andy's goal, when starting his business, was to create one of a kind art that is always under one-hundred ninety-nine dollars. He offers a variety of paintings and prints at such an affordable price point, it's hard to believe that these pieces aren't mass produced. All of Andy's art is limited edition, so the chances of walking into a restaurant, hotel, or even a friend's home and seeing the same piece you just purchased, are slim to none.

Beyond that, all of the frames are made locally in Brooklyn, New York - an added reason to love. For those that like to use their own frame or opt for something more ornate, all prints are available for purchase sans frame. I recently purchased some of Andy's work for my home and have been using them in recent smaller projects.

You can purchase his pieces on Andy's website and have your new, in stock piece in as soon as five business days, the free shipping helps.

These are just a couple things I've fallen in love with as I slowly decorate my own home and I hope you can somehow work them into yours. Feel free to share any photos or testimonials about your experience with these products or email me with your questions.

I'm so excited to share some of the things I love with you as I continue to expand this brand and do my part in helping to make the lives of others more beautiful and fabulous. So subscribe, like and share, because J.Bernard Design isn't just interiors… it's a lifestyle.

- Always

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